Neness® Care

Neness® Care – Your Choice for Complete Protection and Comfort

Ever wondered how to make online shopping even more seamless and comfortable? The answer is: Neness® Care!

For a small fee of £2.5, Neness® Care offers our shop's customers a range of benefits that will make your shopping experience even more satisfying. Here's what Neness® Care provides:

1. Shipping Protection:

No need to worry about your order during transit. With Neness® Care, we're prepared for every eventuality. In case of damage, loss, or theft of your parcel, just contact us. We will confirm the incident with the courier company or request photographic documentation, and then promptly resend your ordered products.

2. Priority Claim Processing:

Your comfort is our priority. With Neness® Care, your claim submissions will be treated as a priority, speeding up the entire process.

3. Free Product Returns:

Deciding to return a purchased product has never been easier! With Neness® Care, you get a free return label, ensuring you face no costs associated with sending back the product.

4. Priority Refunds:

Don't like waiting for your money to be returned? Neither do we! By choosing Neness® Care, your funds will be back with you within one day, instead of the standard 14 days.

Ensure the utmost comfort of your purchases with Neness® Care. Make every order a pleasure, without unnecessary worries and delays.

Join our satisfied customers and benefit from Neness® Care today!