Why shop at Neness

Wondering why you should buy Neness® perfumes?

Here are a few reasons that we think make it a must-try for our perfumes:

1. Top quality

Extensive experience, many years of trial and error and dozens of fragrance compositions tested have led us to almost perfection in perfume production.

Our careful laboratory process, the highest quality ingredients, French essential oils and fragrance compositions no different from the compositions of the world's most popular brands guarantee the quality of Neness®.

Nevertheless, we constantly improve our processes and try to produce even better perfumes. Experience it yourself!

You do not take our word for it?

Read the opinions of satisfied customers. We really have a lot of them!

2. Amazing smells

Do you have a favourite perfume? Do you wear a certain fragrance every day? Then you will certainly find it in our store.

Neness® perfumes are in no way inferior in quality to the well-known fragrances of the world's most popular brands. In our opinion, they even surpass them!

Our idea of the scent of many mainstream and niche perfumes is so perfect that you won't be able to tell the difference.

Hard to believe? Do a blind test. Spray the perfume test papers with your favourite fragrance and the other with Neness® perfume (you will definitely find the right one). Without looking, smell both. You won't be able to find the difference.

Why overpay when you can get the same (or even more) for a much lower price?

3. Very high durability

For the production of Neness perfumes, we use the highest quality French fragrances. The very high concentration of the fragrance oil in our products and the careful production process guarantee a very long durability of the Neness perfumes. The scent is perceptible for up to 24 hours.

Give it a try! Make a test - spray our perfumes on your clothes and check the next day how strong the smell is. Also check back after a few days. We are convinced that even after 4-6 days you will smell the beautiful fragrance of Neness® perfume.

4. Incredibly low price

You can buy Neness® perfume at a regular price for £12.30. This is an incredibly low price for:

  • such a high quality fragrance;
  • durability;
  • and the fact that you won't be able to tell the difference between our perfumes and your favourite scents;

In our official store we have extra promotions very often so you can buy them for under £10 each!!!

How is that possible?

Our concept is to minimise unnecessary costs to virtually zero and offer the lowest possible price to the buyers - that is, you.

Our perfumes are sold in the same glass bottles, in cardboard packaging that differs from each other with prints. Thanks to very large orders, we are able to negotiate favourable prices for individual components, which translates into a final, very low price for our clients (all over the world).

We do not incur multimillion-dollar outlays on marketing, branding, packaging or licensing, which means that these costs are not added to the price of our perfumes - you do not have to pay for it.

Thanks to this, you can enjoy Neness® fragrances at an incredibly low price.

5. Neness.co.uk is more than just Neness® perfumes

Neness® is our first and main perfume brand. However, that's not all we have for you!

365 Days®

Also try our 365 Days® fragrances - here you will find "traditional" perfumes as well as roll-on versions.

However, 365 Days® brand perfumes, apart from the amazing quality following our experience with the Neness® brand, are something more. In the composition of this series you will find original mixtures of pheromones and an admixture of the ISO E SUPER molecule, which will bring out an additional aura from your body. Your fragrance will be unique and... Irresistibly appealing!

Fragrances for the home

You can also buy home fragrances in the form of diffusers and soy scented candles in the official Neness® store.

Neness® and 365 Days® brands are available for home use.

Want your home to smell like your favourite perfume? Easy-peasy! Enter here. You'll definitely find what you're looking for.

Do you want your home to smell beautifully? Try our home scents such as vanilla, lavender, orange or Christmas versions.

Etheric oils

You will also find essential oils that you can use for aromatherapy and simply to refresh the smell in your own home.

Neness.co.uk is more than just perfume!

As you can see, our official store is more than just perfumes. Our store is a world of fragrances! Immerse yourself in the world's most beautiful fragrances with us.