Buy 6 pay for 4

When you buy 6 pieces of any Neness® perfume, you will pay for 4. You will get two for free.

You can use it many times. For example, if you add 12 Neness® perfumes to your cart, you will get 4 for free.
You will only pay for 8

Buy and get free perfumes


  1. Add at least 6 Neness® products to your cart
  2. The code 6FOR4 will be added automatically
  3. You will receive 2 pieces of Neness® from us for free!
    - you will see 2 free products in your basket


* You can use this promotion several times within one order.
Add 12 pieces of Neness® to your cart and you will receive 4 products for free (pay for 8).
If you add 18, you will get 6 products for free (pay for 12).